Hythe & District Club
               Linking friends in the local community since 1937

Site History


ANCIENT deeds discovered in a false bottom of the Hythe Club safe, which was being strengthened following a burglary in 1982, date the site?s original buildings to 1747.

According to Graham Parkes, chairman of Waterside Heritage, ?missionaries? from the Congregational chapel in Above Bar, Southampton, arrived in 1797 to ?convert? the Hethens. (Hythe was originally spelt Hethe or Heith.)

Three walls of the present-day snooker room are the remains of a chapel they built the following year.

From at least 1814 to 1899 the building was used as a school. It was transferred to Fawley Schools Board in 1882 much to the annoyance of the vicar of Hythe.

Hythe (Southampton) British Legion No 1066 was formed in 1927. The name was changed to Hythe and District Club on March 16, 1937.

Former Club president Don Thompson said: ?There?s always been something for the people of Hythe on this site.?